Ramalan Tahun 2014

Harap pembaca yang sudi membaca blog saya , tidak salah faham . Saya tahu dan faham memang banyak ramalan-ramalan sebegini dipaparkan dibanyak website semenjak revolusi internet melanda dunia bermula pada tahun 1997 yang lalu .

Tetapi ramalan kali ini agak unik dan sangat berbeza , saya sendiri telah melihat 2 perkara besar yang diramalkan berlaku walaupun artikel ini diterbitkan SEBELUM 2 kejadian besar itu berlaku .

Anda baca dan jangan ambil serius perkara ini , anggap sebagai hiburan sahaja , dan harap ia tidak berlaku .

Ramalan ini diterbitkan pada 29 DISEMBER 2013 . Antara ramalan yang telah berlaku setakat ini ialah :


Jadi selalulah boleh kunjungi blog saya untuk update kalau perkara yang belum berlaku dalam ramalan ini , BERLAKU , dan akan juga akan mula mengkaguminya , saya masih berharap ia hanya kebetulan sahaja .

Pertama, saya aka bagi screenshot post yang menyatakan ramalan itu , dan kemudian dibawahnya , saya akan bagikan detailnya .

2014: The Year of TRUE CHANGE

Here I leave my humble predictions I have received from the Most High. 2014 is THE YEAR OF TRUE CHANGE. At first, you will see only one or true predictions come true, to pick up speed by the Summer and Autumn, when
I see gruesome change happening every day. I even predict this thread will receive scorn and disdain at first, only to be resurrected as this site, GLP, sees its population grow, hide and look for answers in this site, only to dwindle to a trickle of posts and being abandoned due to no longer being a gold mine in 2015, famine and most of the posts being seen as hate speech, out of the law, and unnecessary by TPTB to establish their 6 day kingdom.
As I said before, these are only a few of the predictions I have received for a long time and which time is coming this very year.

1. The sky will bring a rain of light even at night before the middle of the year. Flowers will be in full blossom by then. A warning unseen.

2. Spirituality will be sees as useless in a time when humanity is sank into materialism for its survival, for its demise.

3. Summer will arrive earlier than usual, thus opening the growing season earlier and if taken in consideration, yields will increase.

4. Ariel Sharon will finally die, this year.

5. Israel will sign a Peace Accord for seven years, this very year, as the Bible says so. Never before had this happened. A warning for the knowing.

6. Stars falling. Moon seen awkward. Sun grows colder; await the scorching. Red skies, red waters, red sudden; red.

7. Meteorites will continue to hit the Earth, and some will bring damage of median proportions.

8. A very large meteorite will hit South Germany, stopping its invasion. This will be seen like divine intervention, helping the wrong guy.

9. Catholicism will have no structure or central dogma. Every priest will give his own doctrine in his church.

10. A large celestial body will appear this year, terrorizing people more than the false War on Terror. Thirst and hunger as a result.

11. Peace and safety will be declared by TPTB through their ¨free press¨ while they prepare WWIII.

12. Economy in disarray like never before for months on end. The King has died and the throne is vacant. TPTB keep the throne vacant at all costs.

13. The Mediterranean will see a gathering of military forces, while Yugoslavia sees assassinations by knife. Then, Mabus quatrain from Nostradamus will ensue.

14. Coy, deception, lies, hidden agendas. Lack of trust and divine love. Everything has a price, but people can't pay. Horror.

15. Russia grows amidst surrounding stagnant countries, until stopped by yellow powder that brings blackness to their cause.

16. Italia will see a revolt like the Vesuvius erupting, taking every aspect of civil life by storm.

17. England sees bizarre storms of great magnitude. Winter hurricane comes to mind.

18. Black will become the color of the season. Morals, masses, perversion and even death. These words will suffice to the elect.

19. Battles will grow, adding more countries to the mess, after a great calamity for humanity. 3 nuclear bombs will be exploded.

20. Israel goes on the offensive, only to backfire. TPTB want Judaism and Islam to null one another, before their priest awaits its time to shine, to power, to lie, to deceive.

21. The Eagle will receive a death would from the North. Paralized, sees other arrows in terror and they puncture her once pristine flesh. The world sees in horror; some weep from afar, some call it deserved fate. No helping hands.

22. Dantesque image at the Vatican. High-Priest flees attack by revolutionaries at night, over corpses of his helpers. His shoes and clothes are soiled in blood.

23. Fend for yourself will be the motto of the times. Humanity will grow cold and will forget the rules given by the Eternal.

24. USA faces knee disease. Walking is painful, can't flee true terror. Famine by 2015, for the survivors.

25. Small war will start in the Middle East. Europe sees an invasion from the South East. Theaters of war will multiply. North Korea responds to a challenge as China moves South and the whole region ignites. US hegemony started in a war and ends in another one. USA cannot continue.

26. Paris in flames like never before. Eiffel on its side, fallen. Nuclear hecatombe near.

27. Large shadow-like beings that stretch like rubber bands will approach the cities and under the guise of darkness, enter the homes and terrorize the obedient and the non-compliant with the Law.

A last note to all: I posted only these predictions that I remember out of the top of my head. I post no dates, and predictions are in disarray, not in a straight timeline, so that the discerning will be able to read a very different thread from the lay, so please refrain from asking for dates. However, you can start use posts to start putting them in order as they happen.
As a final warning, these predictions weren't copied from anywhere, not taken from someone else. These predictions were given to me by the Lord, so praise be to Him, not me. Reach for Him.
Shalom, Peace to all of my Brothers.
Humble servant of the Most High.

Nota : Yang merah iaitu No 4 dan No 17 telah berlaku . Artikel dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan ia ditulis dalam bentuk simbolik , hanya yang suka berfikir mungkin nampak apa yang tertulis "between the lines ".

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